Jan 22, 2018 | By Makenna

PC: Kim Vance
PC: Kim Vance

Happy Monday Ya’ll! ❤️

Did everyone have a great weekend?…..Do anything fun?  Today was supposed to be our first vlog video and we had an awesome Keith Urban cover planned!  BUT, life happens, ear infections happen and singing without being able to hear anything is a little difficult.  We will get that out to you later this week though…PROMISE!!!

Overall we had a great weekend, Thursday we had a radio interview and live performance on 101.3 The Outlaw, Friday we played a show in our hometown and Saturday took full advantage of the beautiful weather and took our pups to the park.

Speaking of pups, we are always getting asked what we like to do outside of music and the answer is hang out with our dogs.  Lame, I know, but music isn’t just a hobby for us it’s a lifestyle and it’s crazy and hectic and when we aren’t touring we are having co-writes, working on bookings, having band practice…you get the idea.  So when we finally do get free time, we try to spend as much of it as possible with our fur babies and family!

Ellie was the first pup Brock and I rescued together after we got off the X Factor in 2011.  We got her from the humane society in Nashville and instantly fell in love.  While she loves both of us she is 100% my dog and will sit right in the middle between me and Brock and snap at him if he tries to kiss me! Ha!

She’s a fox terrier and usually has tons of energy; but she has slowed down a lot in her old age.  Last March she was diagnosed with kidney failure and after seeking help from multiple vets was only given a few months to live.  We put her on a special diet of organic beef, rice, green beans….and Chick-Fil-A nuggets (not part of the diet but she loves them), and got her started on medicine and are so thankful she is still with us.

I’ll be honest though, it is extremely difficult and time consuming to take care of a special needs dog.  She is a very picky eater and we are constantly having to switch up her food or she just refuses to eat.  She also wets the bed almost every night because she just can’t hold it anymore, so laundry and washing sheets and blankets is almost an every day thing!  She’s our baby though, and we are just happy to have her with us so I guess having to sleep in pee is worth it…it's sterile right?! JK

Our other fur baby that stays with us full time is Mylee, and that is Brock’s baby.  He named her and no, not after Miley Cyrus.  We found her at one of our shows about 3 years ago eating out of the garbage.  We were told she had been living around the venue for about 4 months and she was completely malnourished, you could literally count every rib.  She also had mange and other issues, but she was so sweet and came right up to us and started giving kisses.  We knew we had to take her home!

She turned out to be the sweetest dog and Brock’s personal pillow most of the time.  She is still in puppy mode and has chewed up everything from shoes, to our drywall and carpet! :/  She also only listens to Brock, I could tell her to “sit” and I might as well be talking to myself.  Brock is the alpha and she knows it, so if he says sit, she sits. 

We have other fur babies that are “shared” with our parents and all but one are rescues.  Brocks corgi Hot Donna (he named her) was a gift from a very dear friend of ours.  She loves Brock’s parents and is part of their pack so she stays there but we bring her back and forth as much as possible.  We have to be careful with her though because in true corgi fashion, she is very fiesty, and her and Ellie will get into it if one thinks the other is getting more attention! 

Rescuing animals is something Brock and I have become very passionate about!  We are huge advocates for adopting, because there are so many wonderful animals stuck in shelters who deserve to be loved.  We make it a point to donate and volunteer at our local shelters each year and it is truly the most rewarding experience!

Well, now that i have talked your heads off again I’m going to get off here and get some laundry going (give ya one guess)!  Hope everyone has a great week and be on the lookout for our new cover video!



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  1. Awww so cute!! Loved reading the back story on the pups and I’m glad life is going great for you and Brock! He was a killer sound man on Saturday night @ Dennis’ Place by the way! 😉

    1. Awe, Thanks Isaac! He really enjoyed getting to watch the show, as much as we love being on stage, sometimes it is nice to be on the other end of things! Just getting to enjoy good music! 🙂

  2. I know how much y’all love your fur babies. Nothing more heart felt than to be able to rescue a fur baby! Looking forward to seeing you 2 singing this week!

  3. That’s so cool what you do for those dogs!!
    And my weekend was really fun!!
    Both Friday and Saturday nights I was at Southbound Bar and Grill. Friday night I was listening too you guys do your show that is always fun to do. And Saturday night I was at Southbound Bar and Grill listening to Back Road Story and that was all so a lot of fun. I’m a proud supporter of all the local bands I have met in the past year. Love you all!!!

  4. Love all of my “fur” grandpuppies. (rescue and non rescue). I think your love for rescues is amazing. We love getting to spend time with them and you guys.

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