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Happy Tuesday Ya’ll!

Welcome to our blog “When Johnny Met June” and thanks for stopping by!  I am so excited to be writing our very FIRST BLOG POST EVER!!!

Blogging is something that we have been thinking about doing for so long.  However, our music keeps us extremely busy, and we didn’t want to start a project unless we felt that we could give it 100 percent!  Spring/Summer/Fall are usually our busy seasons with so many fairs and festivals going on.  Right now we are sort of in an “off season” so we thought, what the heck lets give it a shot!

Our biggest goal with this blog is to allow our fans to gain a more in depth look at our lives whether we are touring or just hanging out at home with our pups.  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all amazing platforms; however, they only allow people to glimpse small bits of our lives, our shows and what it’s really like to be a musician navigating Nashville, the record labels and the works.  There is always so much more going on behind the scenes that we don’t get to tell everyone, so we thought this would be the perfect way to do just that!

In addition to our blog we are also starting to vlog (basically the same thing just one is in video form).  Last year we got so many requests to do more covers and post more of our original music that we are working on.  We will be posting our vlogs on here as well so that you don’t miss them!

For anyone new to following us here is the skinny.  We are Makenna & Brock, a country music duo originally from Springfield, Missouri.  We have places in both Nashville and Springfield, and split our time between those and being on the road touring.

Our story begins back in 2007 when we were cast in the play Oklahoma as Curly and Laurey.  Now this would be a cute story to tell years later, except for the fact that we literally couldn’t stand each other at first.  It wasn’t until we realized we shared the same love and passion for country music that we started getting along.  That passion eventually grew into more and in 2011 we tried out for a little show called The X-Factor and didn’t do too shabby.  That is when we knew we needed to start taking our music seriously!

We started visiting Nashville frequently, writing our own music, and we put a band together.  With some serious luck and a TON of prayer and hard work we have been able to make our living in music.    It has not been easy though and there is still so much we want to do, we can get more into that later.  Anywho, we love being on the road with our band, but we also enjoy our quiet lives back home and spending our days loving on our rescue pups.

There’s so much about us that we have to share with you all; things not not even our biggest fans know!  Feel free to always ask us any questions, but know there are some things about our lives that we will still keep private.  We are very private people actually and homebodies by nature so putting our lives on public display even more then they already are was not the easiest decision.  And yes, we are a couple, that is the number one questions we get asked….besides are you brother and sister (bleh)!

(Our guitarist Ricky begged to be in a photo... how can you say no to that face 😂)

Sorry to talk your heads off; there is just a lot of info to give you all starting off.  I have to run to the dentist :/ because at our show this last weekend our bass player accidentally bumped into me on stage and my microphone hit my front tooth and put a nice lovely chip in it.  By the way, I will probably be writing the majority of these posts because Brock claims that I am the creative genius and he is the technical side, which I think actually means he just wants the easy job.  It works out though because I love to talk, as you can tell, and if he were writing this you would get no details about anything! Haha

Hope you all have a great week!

PS Comment below and let us know if there are any specific topics you would like for us to cover!



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  1. I’m super excited you all are doing this! Can’t wait to see & read! We have always believed in you 2!♡♡

  2. So great to see this.I will be looking forward to reading about you all.Since I miss seeing you more by moving back to the Columbia area.

  3. Hey Makenna, I was curious if you play any instruments, also I was wondering who are some of the bigger acts you may have gotten the chance to open up for?

    1. Hey Gary! I do play guitar, nothing fancy just basic chords, enough to write with and a little piano. I’m not great by any means though so during our live shows I leave that to the professionals haha! We have been unbelievably blessed to open for some really cool people: Keith Anderson (he is amazing and such a nice guy), Granger Smith, John Pardi, Cowboy Troy, Chris Lane, Parmalee to name a few. Actually got some dates booked this summer with Darryl Worley in Florida, really looking forward to that! 🙂

  4. I’m so excited you guys are doing this. What a great way for your fans to get to know you as down to earth people.

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