Feb. 7, 2018 | By Makenna

PC: Dana Sullinger
PC: Dana Sullinger

Keeping today’s post short and sweet because I have to go start on taxes….gross!

Even though it’s freezing cold outside right now, February is still one of my favorite months because it’s all about LOVE!  Such a beautiful word right?!

There’s this crazy notion going around that Valentines Day and the month of February is only for couples celebrating love, but I say let’s change that!

Hate is so prevalent in today’s world, I almost can’t stomach reading the comments on public figure’s posts anymore.   There is always somebody pointing out their weight, calling them ugly, saying their artistry sucks and it goes on and on!  I honestly do not for the life of me understand why someone would literally take the time out of their day just to put somebody else down!!!

We were absolutely shocked when we got off The X-Factor and the reality of how ugly our society can be hit us full force overnight.  For every nice comment we had on the clip of our audition, there was at least triple that in rude comments.  People have always told us we’d have to develop a thick skin to be in this business and man they weren’t kidding!  It used to really bother us, but over the years it’s just something we’ve learn to accept as part of the job…pathetic right?!

One guy did an entire video about his thoughts on our audition and his final thoughts were that Brock couldn’t sing and I needed to be bi$ch slapped for being a stereotypical country barbie! Haha! And that’s not even the half of it y’all! I wish I could find the video for you to have a good laugh, but I’m pretty sure it got taken down!

Anyway, I digress….with SO MUCH HATE going on in the world right now we are challenging ourselves and all of our readers to go out of your way to choose LOVE this month!  Compliment someone, pay for someone’s food in the drive through line, bring your mom flowers just because, be nice to someone who is always rude to you…or maybe it’s even you choosing to love on yourself a little bit and embracing the qualities that make you unique and wonderful!

My point is love shouldn’t just be reserved for your spouse and your children and by no means does it have to be displayed in some massive gesture! The smallest of actions can brighten someones day and make them feel special!

Now get out there and start lovin’!



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  1. Love is special to me, I try my hardest to spread love in this world! I have 5 of the prettiest grand daughters in the world & the way they love teach this GiGi new things daily, the un conditional love they have for God, life, family and friends fills my heart with love!♡ great blog!

    1. It’s amazing what you can learn just by listening to those little ones! They are so smart and we could all use a little of their unconditional love!!!

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